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Fully Automatic Battery Charging and Maintainers from YUASA: YCX Series for Lead-acid Batteries

GS YUASA is among the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of rechargeable batteries, with production facilities around the globe.

At Schukat, we now supply the new YCX series of fully automatic battery chargers and maintainers. The four units in the series have been designed by GS YUASA engineers for high-performance battery charging for motorbikes, cars, and commercial and recreational vehicles. GS YUASA’s 125-plus years of experience in battery technology has gone into developing the series – to extend battery life, maintain performance, and deliver the very highest levels of reliability.
The main feature of the YCX chargers is their specially adapted 9-stage charging profile – or 7-stage charging for the YCX1.5 – providing a perfect match for all vehicle battery brands. YUASA thus ensures optimal charging performance for conventional lead-acid, start/stop, EFB, AGM, lithium, and gel batteries. The YCX6, YCX12 and YCXL12 models are actively cooled to ensure stable power output, which in turn keeps the chargers working longer. Moreover, each charger has an automatic maintenance mode that maintains the battery's optimal charge state during storage. Any charging faults resulting from battery problems are detected and reported, while improved safety features – with protections against short-circuit, overcharging, and reverse polarity – deliver ultimate reliability. Navigation buttons and clear LED indicators ensure straightforward operation of the chargers. On the larger models, the tough, splash-proof (IP44) construction with integrated clamp and eyelet connectors and integrated power modes make the YUASA YCX range the most advanced and user-friendly battery chargers on the market.
The YCX1.5 smart battery charger is suitable for 6V or 12V motorbike and powersport batteries, and can charge from 2Ah to 30Ah, depending on requirements – more power than comparable models on the market.
For conventional lead-acid, start-stop, EFB, AGM, lithium, and gel batteries with nominal voltage of 12V, optimal charging performance is offered by the YCX6 and YCX12 models. The YCX6 unit is designed for charging up to 120Ah, even from a completely discharged state, and maintenance charging of 180Ah. The YCX12 model offers charging up to 240Ah, also from full discharge, with maintenance charging up to 360Ah.
The YCXL12 charger is suitable for batteries that are used seasonally, with a specially developed leisure algorithm for smart, variable-voltage charging of lead-acid and lithium batteries in recreational vehicles. The adjustable output power allows charging up to 240Ah and maintenance charging up to 360Ah. In case of a temporary power failure, the charging cycle resumes automatically. The charger is also equipped with a rubber case for additional protection.
Comprehensive technical specifications, current prices and inventory, and downloadable data sheets can be found in product group:
S7814 - YUASA Chargers for Lead-Acid Rechargeable Batteries, Series: YPC (Yu Power) & YCX

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