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Schukat’s Latest Addition: T55 Series vPolyTan™ SMD Polymer Tantalum Capacitors from Vishay

High-performance construction with super low ESR values

Schukat has now added Vishay’s epoxy-encapsulated T55 series vPolyTanTM SMD polymer tantalum chip capacitors to its product range. These high-performance components cover a broad capacitance range from 3.3F to 1000F with rated voltages from 2.5 to 10VDC available. Capacitance tolerance is 20%, while the operating temperature range extends from -55C to +105C or +125C. Thanks to their polymer cathodes, the T55 series offers ultra-low ESR values – giving them clear superiority over corresponding manganese dioxide capacitors. They allow accelerated voltage conditioning and offer high ripple current capability, with stable capacitance across their operating temperature, voltage and frequency range, while their compatibility with high-volume pick-and-place machines offers another advantage. Moisture sensitivity level is 3. The C, J and P cases have terminations of 100% tin, while the contacts of the A, T, B, Z, V and D cases are Ni/Pd/Au.
The capacitors in the T55 series are designed for applications including decoupling, smoothing, and filtering, bulk energy storage on wireless cards, infrastructure equipment, storage and networking, computer motherboards, smartphones and tablets.
Vishay’s T55 series vPolyTanTM SMD polymer tantalum capacitors are now in stock at Schukat.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product group:
C6178 - VISHAY vPolyTan™ SMD Polymer Tantalum Capacitors Series T55, Rated Voltage: 2,5...10V DC, Capacitance: 3,3...1000F, Tolerance: 20%, Temperature Range: -55...+105C/+125C, Style: Taped

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