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Schukat Expands its Recom Product Portfolio with the RACM90-K Series: Low-cost, Versatile AC/DC Power Supplies

Manufacturer Recom has added a 90W version to its popular RACM line. Now available from Schukat, the RACM90-K series switching power supplies are designed for cost-sensitive applications and are available both as an open-frame version in industry-standard 2'' x 4'' format or in an optional metal enclosure. The power supplies feature a wide input voltage range of 85 - 264VAC with tightly regulated individual outputs, including 12, 15, 24, 36 and 48VDC. The power supplies are built for an operating temperature range of -40°C to +90°C (with derating). Depending on the particular model, efficiency is typically up to 90% – this value is maintained even at low load, ensuring compliance with ErP standards. No-load consumption is less than 200mW at 230VAC. The products are classified as LPS (Limited Power Source) and are suitable for installation in OVC III overvoltage category environments.
The RACM90-K series is one of the most versatile on the market, with application areas ranging from demanding medical environments to industrial applications requiring increased insulation, as well as in IT, in testing and measurement technology, and in domestic applications, at up to 4000m above sea level. In addition, the power supplies meet the safety certifications of the IEC/EN/ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1 medical standard for 2MOPP, and are B and BF as well as IEC/EN 62368-1, IEC/EN 60335-1 and IEC/EN 61558-1 compliant. The power supplies in the AC/DC RACM90-K series are now in stock at Schukat.

You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product group:
M3380 - RECOM AC/DC Converter Modules Series RACM90-K; Output: 90W; Open-frame & Enclosed; Single Output; Input: 85 to 264 VAC

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