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Compact Surge Protection Devices MLPX1 and MLPX2 for LED Lighting and Industrial Applications from CITEL Electronics

With the active overvoltage protection devices in CITEL Electronics' MLPX1 and MLPX2 series, we have now added exceptionally compact surge protection devices (SPDs) to our range. These SPDs have been specially designed for LED lighting applications, but with their compact build and simple mounting they can also be used in other electrical equipment. The combined SPD types 2+3 are available in IP20 and IP67 configurations and for protection class I and II applications. They also fulfil the IEC/EN 61643-11 standard and have been designed to protect single-phase terminal equipment. Both series demonstrate maximum dissipation of 10kA (8/20µs impulse), and are connected with double insulated cables. The functionality of the SPD can be checked at any time with the integrated status indicator. The SPDs also offer the option of isolating the load circuit in case of failure, providing an indirect signal via the load-circuit shutdown.
CITEL Electronics' MLPX1 and MLPX2 series come with a two-year warranty and are now in stock at Schukat.
You will find detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download in product group:
M7803 - CITEL AC-Surge Protectors SPD Series MLPC, MLPX; Plastic Case IP20, IP67; for Protection Class I, II; SPD Type 2+3

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